Guidelines for Buying Wedding and Engagement Rings for Men

Engagements and weddings are among the things which make women go giddy with excitement. However, the moment can be ruined if the man does not pick a ring to suit the preference and tastes of the woman. Given that it is something that will have an important meaning in your relationship as long as it lasts, it should be symbolic. Nonetheless, the task is not easy for men. Greenville has rings for every occasion. Read on for guidelines on buying wedding and engagements. Here's a good read about  Turner's Jewelers, check it out! 
The classic rings in such occasions should feature a gemstone. Diamonds are chosen more often with the second option being sapphires. If you are lost on which to go for, diamonds will not fail you. It is rare to find a woman who does not adore diamonds. Even though your girlfriend's taste might be unconventional, it is likely that she will not turn down diamonds or sapphires. Additionally, if you have the money, you can get several choices for her to choose. Take a  look at this link  for more information. 

Selecting the gemstone is not enough. You need to provide specifications on how the stone will be cut. Round is the most common choice with statistics of this shape standing at 75%. Because of the popularity, the cost of cutting a diamond in a round shape is on the higher side. Actually, you can more than 40% of the total price if you choose a shape other than round. However, you can pay the extra amount if your fianc?e or wife adores round shaped gemstones. Cushion cuts and princess cuts are popular yet inexpensive choices in cutting diamonds.

After you have chosen a gemstone and the shape, the next thing in line is choosing the metal. Many engagement rings are rose gold, platinum, yellow gold or white gold metals. White gold and platinum are very popular. These two metals have striking similarities and they might appear the same to an inexperienced eye. Platinum is more durable though which makes its price 50% more than what the other metals retail at. To choose the right metal for your girlfriend, pay attention to what the jewelry she wears look like.

A ring style is also another factor you should consider. It can be vintage, sleek and modern or even detailed. Selecting a ring style and setting is what confuses a large number of men. However, it is easy to do this if you pay attention to the furniture and art your girlfriend appreciates as well as the clothes she wears.